What’s wrong?? 

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Ok,  lately my family has been getting under my skin, in other words: on my nerves. 

They always expect me to do things everyday apart from what I already do, like paying my Aunt rent (every month) and I give her a lot of money for groceries (also every month) and, I’m also being forced everyday to clean her house, but her grandkids are the ones who make most of the mess.

Then they have the nerve to ask me, Why are you mad Johanna? What’s Wrong?? 

Well here are a few reasons why I’m getting irritated/annoyed with my aunt and my family.

  1. Why do you always have to complain and make up lies and say things like that I don’t do anything, after I cleaned your house? 
  2. Why are you always blaming only my kids of making a mess, when your grandkids are way worse and mess up your whole house after I’ve already cleaned it? 
  3. Why do you always have to be mad or in a bad mood (just cause you’re bitter) and take it out out on other people who haven’t done anything to you? 
  4. Why am I the only one who has to buy groceries for your house, even after your kids, grandkids, daughters-in-laws, and everyone else (who you invite) who comes over, also eats up all the food I just bought?
  5. Why do you always expect me to buy more supplies for your house, when I hardly get to use them?
  6. Why am I always the one who has to not only watch and take care of my kids, but since I live in your house I have to also take care of your grandkids especially whenever you have a family party, while all of you the adults get to drink and gossip?  
  7. Why can’t I ever relax just like all of you do?
  8. Why can’t I ever eat in peace, instead of rushing me all the time? 
  9. Why do you get mad or annoyed whenever you see me on my phone, even if it’s just to look up songs I want to hear while I clean your house? 
  10. Why can’t you just ever seem or be happy? Why are you so bitter, and always taking it out only on me? 

Now those are the few things that are wrong with me and, making me feel irritated/annoyed with my family. If only they would appreciate everything I have done for them so far since I’ve moved in with them, instead of just judging me and talking badly about me especially behind my back. That’s another reason why I can’t wait to move out and get my own place, no one to consistently complain at you about you. So that’s what is wrong, but that’s just me.

Hope you guys are having a much better time and a great summer. 🙂


    Omfs, My New iPhone 6s Plus!!!

    Wow words can’t even describe how much I’m loving this phone and I got it in rose lol I think it’s more better than my old phone which was a Samsung Galaxy S5 and always freezing and glitching out on me every since I had got it two years ago and before that I had a Droid Razor M which unfortunately also had the same problem.

    So I just decided to try something new and get myself an iPhone for once and see the difference for myself and wow it is a major difference besides not glitching or freezing up on me.

    It also allows me more memory space for photos or anything I’d want to store on my phone. I also like that I can download various apps that I enjoy like eBooks, Netflix, Marvel Comics, Bloglovin, WordPress, News/magazines, Vscocam,Youtube, Pandora/Spotify, Trulia, and even gaming apps! 😌 haha!!

    For anyone wanting to give any iPhone a try I say go for it cause you’ll never know if you like it or not, until you try it out for yourself and have one of your own.

    I have also have been enjoying other of it’s many functions like the battery doesn’t die out too quickly like some people were telling me and the spell check seems to work almost perfectly, well no problems so far for me lol and I like texting or messaging off my new iPhone and even FaceTime cause now I can video chat with my boyfriend, family, or my friends who own an iPhone as well.


    Finding out your on Google??

    I couldn’t find the original post to this so here’s a short version of what happened months ago, which is I found out I was on Google well actually my Instagram was on Google and I was laughing that they’d pick out of all the posts I have on Instagram that they’d choose the one with my butt haha!! 

    I wasn’t even expecting to find myself at all on Google cause usually most of my social media accounts are private but I forgot my Instagram wasn’t, so private lol oh well just have to be more careful with what you post up on social media like pictures of your butt or half naked pictures cause I now know that eventually it’ll end up all over the Internet somehow.  

    So for whoever ends up reading this please be careful and think of what you post on any social media app cause, you never know, it just might end up all over the Internet and scar you for the rest of your life and also if you did read this lol sorry this my first blog and I’m still crappy at this but thank you for taking the time to read it and hope you enjoyed it??  Lol! 

    Well take care and be safe everyone and live your life to the fullest, with no regrets.

    Live with love in your hearts and may you find happiness as well.