About Me

About Me

My name is Johanna  and I was named by my Dad, I guess  he was fascinated by the name Johanna so that’s my name but unfortunately he died by multiple gunshot wounds when I was 3 , so I didn’t get to know my Dad like other kids who had both parents in their lives.

 Now I’m a 20 something year old just starting out in the blogging world so this all new to me  and very exciting.

It’s hilarious cause even though I’m a young single mother of 3, people  think I look younger than my actual age, some will say I look 17, 18, or 19 like someone right out of high school lol I guess I age well. 

Most times people tend to think they know who I am and know everything  about me but they really don’t, they think that I’m this very outgoing, wild, adventurous person who doesn’t get shy at all but in reality I do,  I’d prefer reading a book over going to a party,concert, or club any day. I’d rather listen to music and sing instead of judging others, gossip, and spread rumors about them. I’d rather take pictures on my phone of my munesters or other things that seem interesting or beautiful to me  than taking selfies of myself…I look like a shebeast anyways haha!! I’d rather go on mini adventures or travel to other parts of the world than just hanging out with the homies doing the same old things, and I’d rather play video games on my ps3 than commit a crime or something nor be a threat to anyone. I’d rather try my best to be a good mom to my muensters than being  out frequently and trying to live the life of someone who doesn’t have kids at all, I have three beautiful muensters counting on me to be there for them whenever.   I’d rather have a few real friends then have a bunch of fake ones who probably will just stab you in the back sooner or later. The real ones are worth having, the ones you form a long term friendship with, sometimes even friends become  family like a few have become mine.

Also I have a big flaw, I tend to try to see the good in anything or everyone but not everyone has good in them, I guess it just depends on the person.

Well that’s all  about me for now…stay tuned.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month, or year. I wish you the best and happiness in life.

It can’t rain all the time, in this ugly yet beautiful world….


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