Omfs, My New iPhone 6s Plus!!!

Wow words can’t even describe how much I’m loving this phone and I got it in rose lol I think it’s more better than my old phone which was a Samsung Galaxy S5 and always freezing and glitching out on me every since I had got it two years ago and before that I had a Droid Razor M which unfortunately also had the same problem.

So I just decided to try something new and get myself an iPhone for once and see the difference for myself and wow it is a major difference besides not glitching or freezing up on me.

It also allows me more memory space for photos or anything I’d want to store on my phone. I also like that I can download various apps that I enjoy like eBooks, Netflix, Marvel Comics, Bloglovin, WordPress, News/magazines, Vscocam,Youtube, Pandora/Spotify, Trulia, and even gaming apps! 😌 haha!!

For anyone wanting to give any iPhone a try I say go for it cause you’ll never know if you like it or not, until you try it out for yourself and have one of your own.

I have also have been enjoying other of it’s many functions like the battery doesn’t die out too quickly like some people were telling me and the spell check seems to work almost perfectly, well no problems so far for me lol and I like texting or messaging off my new iPhone and even FaceTime cause now I can video chat with my boyfriend, family, or my friends who own an iPhone as well.



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